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A strong foundation is a key to any kind of construction. That foundation can be in the basement of the building or the insulation layer under the roof. When a low slope roof system is designed over a substrate (1/4:12), a properly designed and made tapered roof insulation will provide long term protection.

People give less attention to the roofs as compared to the internal structures of the building. This leads to increased damage and investment in roof construction and maintenance. Drainage issue is one of the commonly prevalent in commercial buildings.

In commercial buildings, the damage caused by standing water is much greater than the damage caused by harsh natural conditions. Many roof owners underestimate the value of a tapered panel metal roof while calculating a metal roof’s life span.

The majority of the commercial buildings have low –slope roofs, and 40% experience water intrusion issues. You should choose your metal roof contractor wisely and with proper research so that you can avoid roofing problems in the future. Miami Gardens Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team is a well-known and leading metal roofing contractor.

We have been in the town for over a decade and are known for providing elite metal roofing services and solutions. If you want tapered panel metal roofing for your building, we are the perfect choice for you.

What is tapered panel metal roofing?

Tapered panel metal roofs are the ones where the slope has been created for easy drainage of water. A positive drainage system is a basic requirement for roofs. Water that gets percolated and the freeze-thaw cycles can cause damages that cannot be repaired or premature failure of the roof system. 

Tapered panel metal roofs are well suited for new construction as well as old construction. When you plan to install a new roof, the appropriate height measurements can be made, and the building’s slope can be designed. The best method to install a tapered roof is to provide insulation underneath the membrane for existing metal roofs. 

 What are the building codes required for positive drainage and roof slope?

The basic thing to be considered for tapered panel metal roofing is the building codes. The international building code required for low slope roofs in a new construction states that the minimum slope should be ¼:12. The derivations can be made for roof replacement as long as positive drainage is present. It is really important to maintain the building code as it is difficult to construct positive drainage on low slope roofs.

Tapered insulation is the best way to achieve positive drainage on low slope roofs and be free from the issue of ponding water.

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What are the designs considerations to be taken into account?

The proper installation of the tapered panel insulation is directly related to the performance of any system. Without this, the overall effective working of the system will be compromised. The type of insulation that is generally preferred is polyisocyanurate. It is rigid slope insulation that goes very well with a variety of roof membranes and all other products and holistically increases the r-value along with other advantages.

Tapered polyiso panels are manufactured in the standard of 4′ by 4′. The minimum thickness is ½” at the low slope and the maximum thickness of 4″ at the single board. It is stated earlier that ¼” per foot slope is required. But a variety of standards such as 1/8″ and ½” per foot and special-order slopes 1/16″ and 3/8″ are also available and can be used as building parameters depending on special conditions. A huge variation of the slope may be needed for addressing a deflecting area in the existing roof.

The panel size and slope of the roofs are very important factors; other factors such as curbs, edges, through-wall flashings, drainage location internally and externally, expansion joints, and height of parapet walls need to be taken into consideration.

 What are crickets?

A secondary application of tapered roof insulation is crickets, which are used for diversion of water from rooftop curbs, valleys, and low point to drains and scuppers. They are used in conjunction with a two-way tapered panel roofing system (in the low point).

They are triangular or diamond in shape and generally slope in the upward direction from the drainage location. They prevent water from entering the low slope region and also help to direct water around rooftop mechanical units.

While designing crickets, two things that should be considered are slope and configuration. You will receive the best class tapered panel metal roofing at Miami Gardens Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team. We have experts that have immense experience in the field of metal roofing.

Why is Miami Gardens Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team the best choice for you?

At Miami Gardens Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team, we have experienced and skilled roofers who will carefully examine your roof and measure each detail so that there is no issue in future times. We have installed roofs that have stayed long and provided a trouble-free experience to our customers. We aim at providing customer satisfaction at all levels. We are a reliable and trusted group of metal contractors.

The pricing scheme here is very genuine. We aspire to provide the best quality material as when the roof’s material is compromised, it is obvious that your roof is likely to get damaged early in time. Our metal roofers also provide a free roof inspection. You can book your appointment with us, and we will give you a detailed explanation of the roof condition and guide you with the options that suit well with the design required as well as your budget.

We do not charge any hidden prices. Everything will be transparent and clear in front of you from the very first day. So it’s time for you to grab the best offers available with us. There are numerous offers waiting for you. Call us right now and book your meeting with us to experience a world-class metal roofing experience.

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